Best Online Marijuana Seed Banks

The Best Shops, Banks and Companies; Weed Seed Shops Reviews and Comparison 2016.

  • Reputation 90% 90%
  • Seeds 100% 100%
  • Service 100% 100%
  • Website 90% 90%
  • Payment 90% 90%
  • Shipping 90% 90%
  • Overall 100% 100%

You want to cultivate your own cannabis, right? If that is your goal, you need good, healthy seeds that will not only germinate but grow into health, fruitful plants. Unless you get healthy seeds, you will end up with no weed.

Now that you have this in mind, you need to find a reputable online cannabis seed bank that can deliver high-quality seeds to your door. And might be the company you are looking for, however, before making up your mind, you need to read this Seedsman review.

History and reputation

The Seedsman Company has been in the business of selling cannabis seeds since 2003 and is among the most reputable seedbanks around the globe. The company is not only good at selling marijuana seeds, they are also dedicated to fighting for legalization of cannabis around the world.

Seedsman holds that cannabis would be safer under legal regulation. This would make it easier to impose age restriction, control quality and deny criminal gangs the ability to make money out of marijuana trade. In addition, users would get credible information about what they need and even get to choose which strains to have. This conviction is what drives the company to promote the need for legalization of marijuana in the United Kingdom and in all corners of the world.

Cannabis library and products

One of the things that make the company unique is that they have a comprehensive library about marijuana seeds. In addition, they offer a wide range of marijuana-related goods including clothes, books and storage products.


The Seedsman Company mainly obtain their seeds from other breeders-about 1500 strains from more than 65 seedbanks around the world. However,. they have a few personal strains though their main goal is to offer their clients a wide variety of seeds compared to other seedbanks.

Web design and navigation

Web design and navigation have become critical factors to tech-savvy customers who want a great user experience whenever they visit a website. Seedsman knows this and has invested in a well-designed website. This allows customers to navigate easily to find what they are looking for.

When you get on their site, you will not encounter blinking ads seeking to tempt you away from your main objective. Instead, you will find information about different types of seeds such as feminized, high THC and auto flowering species. They have also incorporated a search button to make it easy to find exactly what you want rather than wasting time looking around blindly.

Customer service

Ordering marijuana seeds online can be quite an experience. You want a company that keeps their word and delivers what you paid for. In addition, you want a seed bank that offers great online customer support. Unfortunately, not every online seed bank keeps their word or offer good customer support. And this is where the Seedsman Company beat their rivals hand down.

Seedsman prides itself in offering great customer support and addressing customer concerns at every step of the way. You can opt to contact them via email or phone. Normally, you will get a response within 24 hours after contacting their customer support representatives.

Payment options

Seedsman understands that customers want to pay using various options according to what is convenient to them. That is why they allow you to pay via Visa credit and debit cards. In addition, they accept Bitcoin, bank transfers and good old hard cash.

In spite of the many payment options, some customers have complained that they are unable to pay using the Bitcoin option. These customers claim that they were directed by the company customer care representatives to finalize their bitcoin orders via email which they found quite inconveniencing.

Offers and discounts

Shopping with Seedsman is always a great experience because customers receive various offers and discounts. However, they require you to subscribe to their online newsletter before you can receive any of their many offers and discounts.

Normally, the larger your purchase total is, the more discounts and offers you will receive. If you spend €30, you will get 2 extra seeds worth €4. On the other hand, if you spend €100, you will get a 7.5 percent discount that takes effect upon checkout. Keep in mind that these discounts exclude shipping and VAT.


Every marijuana enthusiast knows that having nosy neighbours or authorities following you around can be quite inconveniencing. In addition, it can result in unwarranted legal disputes.

Seedsman understands that you may not want the whole neighbourhood to know that you just received some cannabis seeds. As a result, they remove the seeds from their original packaging and package them in a way that conceals them from being detected.

Shipping ships worldwide. This means that wherever you live in the world, they will send your package there. Customers living in Europe can expect their packages within 1-3 business days while those residing outside Europe can expect their packages within 5 to 25 working days.

Loyalty program

The Seedsman Company has a thriving Loyalty program. This is especially handy when customers complain that their seeds were damaged or did not arrive. Rather than get replacements, the company rewards customers with loyalty points. The company also give you points for subscribing to their newsletter and writing reviews.

In addition, customers receive loyalty points when they refer others to the seed bank or place their order successfully on the company website. And on your birthday, the company will send you a surprise gift-a 100 points. Now, here is the icing on the cake. For every 50 loyalty points in your account, you get €1 off your order.


When all is said and done, has a lot to offer its customers. In spite of the few complains about late delivery, challenges in processing bitcoin orders and the fact that they do not offer cultivation advice, the company is still ahead of the rest of the pack.

When you combine great customer support, a well-designed site that is easy to navigate, stealth shipping and a functional loyalty program, you soon realize why the seed bank is among the best online seed retailer in the industry.