MSNL Seedbank Review 2016

Marijuana-Seeds.NL – Reliable British Seed Bank.

  • Reputation 90% 90%
  • Seeds 100% 100%
  • Service 100% 100%
  • Website 90% 90%
  • Payment 70% 70%
  • Shipping 100% 100%
  • Overall 90% 90%

Are you intending to purchase pot seeds online? If your answer is yes, you may need to look up Marijuana Seeds NL fondly referred to as MSNL. The seed bank is based in The Netherlands but is popular around the world. MSNL is both a breeder of marijuana seeds as well as a seed bank.


MSNL is a renowned cannabis seed bank that has earned public confidence and recognition for delivering what they promise. Now, if you are a cannabis enthusiast, you have probably heard of people who have tried to buy cannabis from sketchy dealers off the street and ended up losing their money or ended up with a poor quality product.

Rather than risk your hard earned cash or health in such deals, MSNL is a trusted seed bank that provide you with high quality products at a reasonable price. The store has been in the business of providing original marijuana seeds for more than 15 years. During this period, they have gained extensive experience and in-depth knowledge which help them to deliver award winning seeds to their customers at all times.

Reasonable pricing

One of the unique features about Marijuana Seeds NL is their reasonable rates. The company can afford to provide their customers with seeds at a fair price because they buy them from Dutch producers in bulk which translates to great savings on your part.

Sales and special offers

MSNL has dedicated a whole page on their site to seed sales and special offers. Currently the seed bank has great discounts on Sour Grape seeds at 30 percent off and THC Bomb Feminized Seeds at 20 percent off. And when you buy 3×5 packs of seeds, you get 5 free seeds. To find out more about their special offers and discounts, keep checking their site regularly for updates.

And here is the icing on the cake. MSNL offers a reward program which allows customers to accumulate credit point in your account by spending more money. The points never expire and you can redeem them for future transactions.

Diversified payment methods

The MSNL store make it very easy for customers to pay for their orders. They accept debit cards and credit cards as universal modes of payment. They also accept cash payments and bank transfers. And you do not have to worry about exposing your personal data during the payment process as the site has put measures in place to safeguard your financial information during the transaction.

Discreet shipping

MSNL understands that there are many legal issues surrounding cannabis. To make sure that they do not expose their customers to unnecessary scrutiny, they offer 3 choices depending on how discreet you want the product to reach you. The more stealth your package is, the more you are likely to pay for the shipping.

Standard shipping – It the most basic level of packaging and delivery. The seeds are shipped in a crush-proof container enclosed in an ordinary envelope. Standard packages are not tracked. In addition, you will not be required to sign.

Stealth shipping – Packages ordered under this category are more secure and secretive compared to the standard approach. These packages are hidden in completely unrelated items and may contain a tracking code. 

Guaranteed stealth shipping – These packages are concealed in items that are completely unrelated just like in the Stealthy Shipping category. However, the level of shipping is just as it is indicated-guaranteed! Unlike the stealth shipping category, the packages are sent with a tracking code. And if for any reasons, the package under this category does not indicate as delivered within 25 working days, the store undertakes to send another package.

Award-winning marijuana seeds

MSNL seeds are developed by the most experienced growers in Holland. Each variety goes through rigorous checks and tests to make sure that their seeds abide by the high standards in keep with global standards. In addition, their cannabis seed genetics have been developed and perfected over the years. As a result, the store boasts of some of the finest seed collections available in the world.

The store undertakes these rigorous processes because they understand the frustrations customers goes through when they purchase marijuana beans that fail to germinate. This gives MSNL enough confidence to promise you that seeds purchased from their store have a 90 percent germination rate as long as you handle and germinate your seeds correctly.

A wide variety of marijuana seeds for everyone

The MSNL store is a one-stop shop for every customer intending to buy genuine cannabis seeds. They stock a wide variety of cannabis seeds including the regular, feminized and autoflowing cannabis seeds. And if you are searching for medical cannabis, look no further. Here, you will find a range of popular varieties including Northern lights, White Window, Big Bud and Granddaddy Purps as well as Buddha cannabis seeds.

Whether you are a shaman, a beginner or a connoisseur, MSNL has specific seeds to cater for your needs. Their easy to navigate website and detailed variety guide help customers to select their preferred strain of cannabis seeds. And if you are unable to find the strain you are looking for, or need assistance to place your order, you can contact the store via their “contact us” section.


When all is said and done, the MSNL store is a great place to order your cannabis seeds. They have a huge variety along with great prices and great customer service. Why not try them for your next order?