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The Ministry of Cannabis, fondly referred to as MoC was established in 2007. The company was created after many years of breeding cannabis for coffee shops and seeds for seed banks. Over the years it has built a solid foundation based on research, innovative breeding and development. If you intend to do business with this seed bank, here is what you need to know about it.

A seed bank with a clear objective

When it comes to the marijuana industry, you do not always get to hear of a company with a clear objective. However, that is what sets MoC apart from the rest of the seed banks. The goal of the MoC is to provide feminized seeds of classic marijuana varieties such as Haze, White Widow and Skunk while improving and producing new varieties for the market that will outshine their competitors. And in keeping with their objectives, they have developed a wide range of new and popular varieties including Carnival and Zensation-two wildly popular strains that have tongues wagging.

Highly Experienced and skilled cannabis breeders

The MoC founders have a very long and deep relationship with marijuana. Each of the founders had worked with reputable marijuana seed companies for years before they started MoC.

In addition, people working in MoC are highly experienced and skilled in cannabis breeding. As a result, they are able to cater to the needs of every customer depending on their requirements. Whether you are into indica or sativa, the MoC has something for you. And if you are a wholesaler, the company will provide you with seeds at a fair rate to enable you to share the green love. Though their offerings may not be as vast as other seed banks, the strains they stock are handpicked to give their customers the best there is around the globe.

Unique approach to breeding

The Ministry of Cannabis prides itself with the unique approach of working with individual plants and hand-picking every single seed. They breed cannabis seeds in a pristine environment using highly advanced methods which also incorporate organic techniques. The plants are grown in an organic super soil comprising of high quality ingredients and handled by experienced growers with the utmost care. Each plant is grown to its fullest potential before reaching pollination in order to make the best seeds.

The seed bank engages in these activities to ensure that whenever you purchase seeds from the company, you are getting the best cannabis seeds to give you maximum yields. And these cannabis enthusiasts do not stop there. They go a step further to engage in constant improvement of classic varieties in an effort to offer new and better combinations as well as flavours. Due to the extra care involved in the production process, the seed bank can only produce limited quantities of every variety.

Universal payment methods

The Ministry of Cannabis accept several forms of payment such as debit card, MoneyGram and credit card. They also accept good old hard cash and Bitcoin. Since they have been in the marijuana trade for years, all of their transactions are secure and guaranteed but if you choose to send cash, they cannot guarantee that someone will not interfere with the money before it gets to them. To avoid any unnecessary complaints about payments, they have outlined all the available options and the risk or advantages associated with each payment method.

Since MoC bills only in euros, all invoices are billed in that currency. So, if you intend to send a money order, you need to change the currency into euros before sending payment. Here, the only exception is hard cash since this can be easily converted even at the destination.

Global and discreet shipping

The Ministry of Cannabis understand that there are many people who need to use cannabis all over the world, so wherever you reside, they will ship it there. However, to clear any misunderstandings that may emanate from legal restrictions on the possession of marijuana seeds or growing of cannabis in your country, the seed bank requires that you read their terms and conditions. If you are not sure about what the law says about cannabis in your country, the company recommends that you refer to federal, state and local laws.

The company aims to ship your package within 24 hours of payment being received, however this will depend on which part of the world you live in. You can opt to have your package tracked or not. Whichever option you choose, the MoC has a policy of sending all their packages stealthily meaning that your order will not raise eyebrows since there is no reference to cannabis on the package. In addition, your credit card statement will not indicate that you purchased products from a cannabis seed bank.

Easy-to-navigate website

The MoC website is easy to navigate and full of information that clients need to place their orders or grow cannabis. Here, you will find information about various varieties, their yields, CBD and THC levels as well as the duration they will take to mature. They also give tips and tricks to help clients grow marijuana effectively whether indoors or outdoors which come in handy especially for beginners. The site features a modern and clean design that is also highly responsive for clients using mobile devices.

Customer service

The Ministry of Cannabis has been in the marijuana industry for years and understand that good customer service is critical to first time and repeat clients. They offer clients several ways to interact with them including a contact form on their website and direct contact via telephone. You can also interact with the company via their social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram as well as Pinterest.


The Ministry of Cannabis is one of the few companies that delivers what they promise. They have a great reputation for innovation, reliability and providing quality seeds for various clients ranging from the beginner to the seasoned cannabis enthusiast.