Crop King Seeds Review 2016

Crop King Seeds – Canadian Seed Bank and Seed Breeders. Vancouver, Canada.

  • Reputation 100% 100%
  • Seeds 100% 100%
  • Service 100% 100%
  • Website 80% 80%
  • Payment 100% 100%
  • Shipping 100% 100%
  • Overall 100% 100%

Crop King Seeds is a retail seed bank and breeder. The Canada-based company has been in the marijuana industry for years and is known for striving to be more than a marijuana seed company. So far, Crop King has donated more than $250,000 towards legalization of medical marijuana and is a fearless supporter of marijuana law reforms across North America. Here is an in-depth review of the company.

History and reputation

Unlike many new cannabis breeders and banks, Crop King Seeds has been in existence since the early 2000s. During the early years, the company scoured and searched the furthermost regions of the world for the finest seeds. To make sure that they only offer the best seeds to their customers, they partnered with reputable breeders especially in Europe. This has enabled them to offer different products to customers according to their needs. The partnership also means that the company is able to enhance the potency of their strains.

In 2005, the company faced some head winds due to unclear marijuana laws and regulations. As a result, they were forced to shut down but that was not the end of the road for the company. In 2012, the company rose from the ashes like the proverbial Sphinx and resumed operations.

Now, when you have a company that defies all odds to resume operations after being forced to shut down for years, it can only mean one thing: unmatched confidence in their products powered by the unwavering faith of their clients. This should give all clients who order seeds from the company immense confidence when they make the decision to purchase seeds from their store.

Wide range of cannabis seeds

Whether you are a seasoned grower, a medical client or a closet grower, your search for marijuana seeds end here. Crop King boasts of stocking the best seeds that guarantee huge harvests with high levels of both THC & CBD. The store has a wide range of cannabis seeds including Hybrids, Indica and Sativa strains. And if you prefer classic varieties, they have Silver Haze Feminized, Blueberry and their own industrial production strains such Morpheus and Zeus.

Customer service

Crop King has an excellent customer service department that is always eager to assist clients and fulfill their needs. Whether you are a beginner who wants a couple of seeds or a retailer who need big quantities of seeds for your consumers is irrelevant to Crop King. What matters to them is your satisfaction and they go out of their way to make sure that you get what you need. Apart from their excellent customer service, the store is keen on providing information to their clients via various marketing materials in the market. These allows you to get enough information about their excellent products which has given them an edge in the highly competitive marijuana industry.

High seed specialization and quality

If you take time to browse through the company’s seed guide, you will notice that they have fewer strains on offer unlike most seed banks. The logic behind their limited stock is that the company is able to engineer and enhance each of the strain on offer. For the discerning customer, this can only mean one thing: high quality seeds crafted with clockwork precision and diligent experimentation. As a result, when you buy seeds from Crop King, you have the assurance of a high germination rate and a great cannabis harvest.

Customer service

The company’s customer service is one of their strongest selling points. Every cannabis enthusiast knows that occasionally, something unexpected happens or you need additional information about your cannabis crop. During such moments, the ability to reach the company without unnecessary delays is critical. At Crop King, customers come first and each of the contact methods stipulated on their site works exceptionally.

Customers have the option of calling the store using their toll free telephone number, send them a message from their website or use live chat features on their site which allows you to interact with their customer service representatives instantly.

Global shipping and discreet packaging

Crop King strives to ship cannabis to all their clients regardless of their location around the world. They charge $10 shipping fee for all orders shipped to countries outside of Canada. This only applies to conventional shipping and may take up to 25 days to receive your package. Apart from the traditional shipping approach, customers have the option of selecting express shipping with tracking. This attracts a $30-$60 shipping fee depending on the region of the world you reside in. Normally, packages sent under the express shipping category are received within5-7 working days and no signature is required.

To avoid exposing their clients to unnecessary legal issues, the company utilizes discreet packaging. All seeds are shipped in sealed containers to preserve them during shipping. Crop King Seeds utilizes original packaging when shipping to customers within Canada, however, they send seeds to customers outside Canada concealed in random items.

User friendly website

Crop King Seeds has a very friendly website that is easy to navigate. When you get onto their site, you see the menu instantly which is located at the top of the main webpage. Here, you are provided with exhaustive information about every topic that is important to the cannabis industry.

Easy payment methods

Crop King is a world renowned company. As a result, they accept a wide range of payment methods. The company understands that their clients come from all over the world and use various methods to make purchases. Payment methods accepted by the company include digital currencies such as Bitcoin and PayPal as well as credit cards.


Overall, Crop King Seeds scores highly for offering excellent customer service and quality seeds which have high germination rates. The company has a great reputation for discreet shipping and a range of highly specialized cannabis seeds. So, if you are searching for a company you can trust to deliver what they promise, look no further than Crop King Seeds.